Why you can rely on Campingaz® Gas


Campingaz® is a European pioneer in portable energy solutions. Since 1949 Campingaz® branded products enable people to enjoy living and cooking outdoors.



The Campingaz® R cylinders


- 100% Butane in constantly high quality

- Offered in 2 different sizes (1.8kg, 2.75kg)

- Campingaz® cylinders are widely available and exchangeable across Europe. Only our blue Campingaz® branded cylinders benefit from this exchange service. We are not responsible for cylinders that are no longer in their original blue colour, and are under no obligation to take them back once empty

- Each blue Campingaz® branded cylinder is professionally maintained with each refill, where safety is our primary concern

- 100% made and quality controlled in Europe



The Campingaz® cartridges


- Available as Butane and Butane/Propane blend - Available as a pierceable cartridge with innovative Gas Lock system (as of 2014)

- 100% made and quality controlled in Europe - Available as patented Easy Clic Plus® valve system for utmost consumer comfort

- Dedicated cartridge solutions for distinct products like table-top stoves and DIY tools

- Available all over Europe and beyond

- Empty cartridges are not rechargeable; they are considered waste and can be recycled. We contribute to the environmental agency for that purpose. Before disposal, we recommend to fully empty your cartridge, under normal use with its appliance accordingly with the manual.


With Campingaz® you never run out of gas!