Grilled pineapple with caramel sauce, ice cream and roasted almonds

    For the Caramel sauce:
  • 200 g granulated sugar
  • 150 ml whipping cream
  • 50 ml water for sprinkling on sugar
  • For the Pineapple::
  • 1 pineapple
  • melted butter (if you are using a pan instead of a grill)
  • roasted almonds
  • vanilla ice cream (to taste)
    Caramel sauce Preparation:
  • On medium heat, dissolve sugar mixed with water in a saucepan to make a caramel. As soon as the colour starts to change significantly, add cream and mix for a while until the caramel has dissolved completely. Let sauce cool before serving. Keep the rest of the sauce that you don’t use for another purpose. It goes well with ice cream, for example.
  • Caramel sauce Preparation:
  • Slice off pineapple bark, and cut the fruit into 1 cm thick slices. Make sure your grill is very clean so there are no meat scraps on it. Grill pineapple slices on both sides at a relatively high temperature. If you’re using a pan instead of a grill, fry pineapple in butter. Pour caramel sauce on the pineapple, add ice cream, dry-roasted almonds, and enjoy!